Welcome to the Bee & Lotus blog!  

It's great to have you here with me as i craft my way to The Good Life. The Good Life is all about living a life that makes sense to your brain, body, heart and spirit, to your local and global communities, to your environment and to your bank account.

"It's about making the most of your resources, both internal and external"

It's about creating work + life balance (Bee = work, Lotus = life) - whatever that means for you. For me, it means using my creative gifts to design, make and live a beautiful life.

I do hope you learn some fun and handy hints here, and I hope Bee & Lotus makes your life a wee bit more beautiful too.

A little about me

Hello there, I'm Clair. 
Married to a wonderful and funny man with whom I have two amazing and crafty children and one tubby little Jack Russell with an anxiety disorder.
We live in suburban Australia, but I often dream of living in the British countryside (where there are fewer poisonous snakes and spiders!) in an old wooden gypsy wagon in the forest.

I have a Visual Arts background, but basically I’ve been making and creating since I could hold a pencil and operate a pair of scissors. I have a Diploma of Visual Arts specialising in Printmaking (primarily etching) but more recently I have been involved in screen-printing, botanical illustration, assemblage/mixed media, sewing, knitting, jewellery making, painting and textile design. I just have to make, make, make! If I don’t, my soul gets all grey and shrivelled (picture one of those disgusting pieces of chewing gum you found under your desk at school). My work is influenced by a wide range of subjects; nature, dreams, fairy tales, childhood memories, nostalgia, books and film, mythology and fable, anthropology, permaculture, vintage goodness, history, herstory etc.

Please leave comments and questions for me at my posts or contact me privately via the "Want to contact me?" link on the home page, it's always nice to hear from others!

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