Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pure Gold

Last night I had the opportunity to meet a lovely lady in my town who creates incredible pieces of art in the form of religious icons. Elvia combines amazing talent and patience to recreate mostly Russian orthodox iconography. She graciously showed my some of her work at her home and shared with me the traditional methods she uses to create the works. Elvia uses egg yolk and pure pigments to make her own paints and adds white wine to thin and preserve the paint. Each colour you see may have 10-20 layers of paint used to create the depth of tone. She says that the colours actually grow stronger and brighter over time but of course, care must be taken to keep them away from strong light to avoid fading.

I only had my mobile camera (and a shaky hand) so the images do not do the work any justice at all, still I thought some of you might like to share a peek.


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