Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Wrap up

Happy New Year everyone!
2014 was a good year to us here at Astoria - that's the new name of our home (sign coming soon).
10 points if you can guess the inspiration of the name.

Before officially welcoming the new year and writing up all my resolutions I thought I should reflect upon the last year and all it had to offer:

  • Family Trip to New Zealand - This was the first overseas trip we have taken together so we were a little apprehensive about committing to 10 days in a campervan with a 5 and 6 year old who have never been in the car for longer than 3 hours at a time. It turns out we had nothing to worry about. The biggest issue we had was the flush/closing lever on the van toilet breaking 2 days in - eewwww. The kids had the greatest time of their tiny lives, and the grown ups had a ball too! When I ask the kids what their favourite parts of the were, they always tell me about the animals we encountered along the way; The goats next to the van park near Wellington, Dobey the cat at Christchurch TOP10 and of course the native critters like the Wekas.  My favourite place to stay at was the TOP10 holiday park at Motueka (in the NW corner of the South island), it is situated on the grounds of an old botanical park and boasts huge and beautiful examples of tree specimens including a giant chestnut tree (under which we parked our van). The kids loved the giant bouncy air pillow, we all loved the pool with slide and the night we stayed there was a mobile wood fired pizza oven parked on the grounds where we bought delicious fresh made pizza. Anyone who is considering doing the ol' white road maggot trip around NZ with kids should definitely get a TOP10 holiday park pass. Not a week goes by without hearing "when are we going back to New Zealand?". Soon kids soon.
  • Finally getting rid of the back pain I've been suffering from for too long. a few years ago I ruptured a disc in my lower back causing intense pain and limiting my mobility. After a tone of physio, exercises, massage, painkillers, crying and generally feeling useless I was doing pretty well but still had twanging pain and found it difficult to sleep. I had a session of massage and dry needling with a wonderful practitioner in Canberra, and that night the pain was gone! Then the next day the pain came back but…… the day afterwards it was goneskis. And still is.
  • A happy workplace. Yes it's true. My income producing work (aka real job) is full of the funniest mofos you could work with. They crack me up every day and make it a pleasure to come into work. Thanks guys, bring on the cray cray beaver box nonsense in 2015 please.
  • My family, all of the unique personalities in my extended family have contributed to a great year for us. Hopefully 2015 brings more chances to catch up. And my closest peeps, my darling little monkeys and darling big monkey - I love you guys and am so proud of all your achievements this year. I can't wait to see what shenanigans we will get up to this year.
  • My local Modern Quilt Guild gals, you guys have been monumentally inspirational to me this year. The encouragement to get involved in shows, do workshops and try new techniques is just what I needed to up my skill level in all things quilty.
  • This year my work was featured in Tickle the Imagination magazine, hooray!
  • And finally I have set up my website. It still needs a little work but you can browse my fabric designs and link to my shops from there.

I'm sure there are HEAPS of things I'm missing but anyway, let's get to 2015 already!
What's on your to do list for 2015?


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