Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fabric Finds: Linen Tea towel goodness

OK, so I have been trying to curb my "habit" of buying fabric. During a recent clean out of my workroom, I realised exactly how much fabric I have collected over the years. YIKES.

I decided to not buy anymore fabric until I had used some of my stash for a quilt….. pshuure! That's working out really well….. actually it's not working at all.

So here's what I bought the other day, admittedly three of them are tea towels and may remain in that format, so I've only technically bought 1 piece of fabric ;)

I love vintage linen tea towels, but to be honest I've never found them to be very absorbent and useful in drying dishes - luckily my dishwasher does most of the drying at my house.

Why are tea towels traditionally made from linen? I wonder if it's because linen was traditionally used for dish cloths (you know, for cleaning dishes) because linen is much stronger when wet than when dry? Perhaps it's because many of these souvenir tea towels originated in Ireland which produced it's own linen?

I'm off to research tea towels, hope you enjoy my recent fabric finds!

Vintage Hungarian linen teatowel

Vintage Irish linen tea towel by Ulster in Lotus pattern

Teal and orangey crimson, my current favour colour combo! Vintage Australian linen tea towel
(over-printed with Greetings from Tuncurry)

Lovely open weave cotton with a pattern of Camellias (?) growing up trellis.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quilt for Ruthie

For the past few months I have been totally Ruthless. That is to say, without Ruth :(
I'm not going to go into all the reasons why I think Ms. Ruthie is such a great person, mother, daughter, employee, sister and friend because I know it would embarrass her and I don't want to do that.

This is my first appliqué quilt and based on Sarah Fielke's Enchanted Blossoms quilt pattern (but altered because I'm no good at following rules!). Whilst sewing it, I spent time thinking about Ruth and her crazy ways, love of animals and punctuality, fear of opticians, plastic spiders, real snakes (with good reason) and her go-out-of-her-way determination to assist those who need assistance.

Ms Ruthie, you make life for everyone around you fun and yes, a little crazy too. But then what is life without a little craziness now and then?

Love you Ruthie

Ms Ruth's quilt (a version of Sarah Fielke's Enchanted Blossoms quilt)

Back of quilt with mixture of vintage and new ikat fabrics

I decided (last minute) to make the corners scalloped
Next time I'll make a template and get them all the same (lol!)