Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Make - $10 DIY Woven Planter

Last week I finally got my hands on a lovely fiddle leaf fig for the lounge room. I tracked down a nice sized one (around waist height) for a really good price online at Hargraves Nursery and it arrived just a few days later by post! Who knew you could post a tree?!

I've been drooling over some woven planters on Pinterest lately but I'm not quite prepared to pay $60+ for one just yet, so I rummaged around in my brain and came up with a cheap alternative:

And it only took 2 minutes to make it!

I'm sure you can get these stripes lined up better than i did! 

All you need is a small rug/bathmat that is nice and thick or stiff so that it holds its shape quite well.
I found mine at the Reject Shop for $10. Make sure the width of the rug is more than half the size of the circumference of the widest part of the pot. If you have a sewing machine it will take you 2 minutes to make the planter, if you need to sew it by hand it might take a little longer.
Simply fold the rug in half, good sides together and sew up both sides leaving the top open.
Turn your planter bag inside out and shape as required. I pushed the corners in a little so they don't stick out so much, you can get a really nice crumpled bag effect if that's your style.
That's all there is to it! Just make sure you have a bucket/tray/bowl under your plant pot, inside your planter to catch any water overflow.

Turn that cheap scatter rug (who the heck scatters rugs?) into an on trend woven planter. (You can see my before and after curtains in this shot too, hopefully it's obvious which is which).

Some other ideas for sprucing up a plant pot:

  • Use an old hessian/jute sack, potato sack or coffee sack, roll the top over.
  • Have an old kilim rug with stains you can't remove? Use it to make a planter bag and position the stains under the pot so they don't show, or cut it up and use just the good parts.
  • Use a flat woven bath mat and add to it by doing gigantic cross stitch patterns into it!
  • Try using a plain/"logo free" Kraft paper yard waste bag rolled down at the top.
  • Want a shabby chic look on a budget?  Sew a cuff of floral fabric to the top of a plain sack.
  • Don't like the print on a feed sack? turn the sack inside out and add your own artwork with stencils, stamps, Sharpie pens or dip it into paint.

There are so many things you could do, the possibilities really are endless.
Get inspired then find your materials and try it! You might be really surprised at what you come up with.


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