Friday, April 18, 2014

Crafted Hand Towel Revival?

Remember those hand towels you used to see at every fete and local market stall? The ones with the embroidery in pastel shades and crochet edges? Well, they have NEVER been my cup of tea.

But the other day I finally hung up some art in the laundry, an old pair of small watercolour paintings of Russian peasants in their folk costumes, reframed into the original moulding. My laundry is ugly (ugly tiles, paint colour & bench top), but it has lots of room and storage and one of these days we'll get around to renovating it but for now cheap quick fixes are the order of the day.

It made the room feel so much nicer! I couldn't believe I'd chosen to go so long without art in the laundry. Then my eye was caught by the grotty stained hand towel hanging on the rail next to it......blughr. "Something must be done about this" I thought.

So I bought a charcoal coloured hand towel (great for hiding stains!) and sewed a scrap of my Mexican Blanket fabric in Tamale from my Frida Collection onto the bottom. Then I added some pom pom trim in teal - is it just me or are you a little smitten with pom pom trim?
I think some gorgeous ribbon would also work great or a strip of vintage embroidery perhaps?

At last! Something nice to look at in the laundry
close up of my up-crafted hand towel and a vintage linen one I thrifted
Festive clothes Kaluga province Late 19th Century - watercolour, artist unknown
Festive costume Oryol province Late 19th Century - watercolour, artist unknown
Much Better! Now my ugly laundry is a little cuter and definitely a nicer place to be.
So hows about starting a little crafted hand towel revival?


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