Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Paint it Black

I don't know if it's from watching the Block too much or if I just really need to see some change in the house but I've started seeing in Black & White. It may also have something to do with the fantastic interior decoration book by Celerie Kemble (yes, her real name!) - Black & White (and a Bit in Between) that I keep going back to.

I don't mean that literally of course but I keep visualising my living areas being predominantly in shades of black, white and grey with some colour and wood tones thrown in here and there.
I think it appeals so much because it is really easy to make it work and so much simpler than trying to work out if certain colours will work together. Of course being a crafty artsy kinda gal I still need my pops of colour to brighten things up!

I scored some great thrift store/op shop gems that I have been busily painting black, all the while humming that great Stones song to myself.

First to noir was an old ornate picture frame that had an incredibly daggy airbrushed gold finish that made me think of awful orange/yellow/brown combo 1970's office decor - scored at Salvo's for $10)
I hand sanded it back lightly and used a student quality acrylic paint to get a nice matt charcoal black finish. When it had dried I used fine sandpaper to take the paint off just on surface edges at the ornate corners and in places along the lengths between (best done by wrapping sandpaper around a pencil and dragging it down edge).



Now I just need to order a bevelled edge mirror and hang it!

Next item for refurb treatment: a fantastic old telescope tripod (minus the scope)
I have loved those tripod style lamps for years and even those these days they seem to be everywhere, they are still pretty pricey. I came across this wooden painted tripod at my local recycle centre for $2!
This time I need to remove some black paint to show up the woodgrain.
I initially tried using an orbital sander on it (lazy choice) and almost ripped chunks out of the wood so ended up hand sanding.

Half way through sanding black paint from an old telescope tripod

ahhhh, pretty woodgrain! 

I'll use a furniture wax over the wood to seal it and bring out the warmth of the wood and strangely enough I actually already have a light (scavenged for free!) that can fit in the top of the tripod.
All I need is a piece of dowel to attach it and Bingo Bango... $2 tripod lamp :)

Damn I love a bargain.

Now I'm off to see what else I can paint black. Will post update photos asap.

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