Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fabric Finds - Mid Century Fabric

I found these two items in the same recycle centre but at different times but they somehow fit together.
They are both fabric designs from the mid-century and both are half made skirts (one is half finished and the other has been half de-constructed!).

The first one I found was being used as a rag in a knitting machine box, just a tiny piece of it was poking out but I knew I'd struck gold! It had a lot of soiling and oil stains all over it but nothing that didn't come out after a good soak in bucket of hot Sard Wonder Soak!

The design is of quaint little postcards/photos from what appears to be Spain or a Spanish colony on a grey background.

The second (the half made skirt) is of a faux Egyptian design in Yellow and grey/blue &navy with with a supposed to be hieroglyphs. There are pockets sewn onto the skirt and it is ready to be pleated and a waistband applied.

My pick of the two is definitely the postcards print! It also needs to be re-pleated and have a waistband applied. It's currently in my UFO pile :) I'll be sure to report back if and when it gets finished.

What thrifty treasures have you found lately?


  1. Which one is your favourite? I'd be happy to send you one of them :)