Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fabric Finds - Mid Century Fabric

I found these two items in the same recycle centre but at different times but they somehow fit together.
They are both fabric designs from the mid-century and both are half made skirts (one is half finished and the other has been half de-constructed!).

The first one I found was being used as a rag in a knitting machine box, just a tiny piece of it was poking out but I knew I'd struck gold! It had a lot of soiling and oil stains all over it but nothing that didn't come out after a good soak in bucket of hot Sard Wonder Soak!

The design is of quaint little postcards/photos from what appears to be Spain or a Spanish colony on a grey background.

The second (the half made skirt) is of a faux Egyptian design in Yellow and grey/blue &navy with with a supposed to be hieroglyphs. There are pockets sewn onto the skirt and it is ready to be pleated and a waistband applied.

My pick of the two is definitely the postcards print! It also needs to be re-pleated and have a waistband applied. It's currently in my UFO pile :) I'll be sure to report back if and when it gets finished.

What thrifty treasures have you found lately?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ruby Red Shoes

I found THE cutest book at the library the other day: Ruby Red Shoes by Kate Knapp. The kids both approved, I read it to them to settle them down after a crazy morning, it worked a treat!
Kate is an Australian Illustrator and Author who lives in Queensland.

Ruby Red Shoes by Kate Knapp - the tale of a white hare who lives with her Babushka in a gypsy wagon.

Just a sample of the delightful illustrations Kate Knapp's Ruby Red Shoes

The lovely Babushka Galina Galushka

one of the many small delightful illustrations in Kate Knapp's Ruby Red Shoes

It is a tale of enjoying life's simple pleasures and caring for each other, a perfect book for boys and girls from 2 to 8 years old. Can't wait to see more books from Kate Knapp! She has another book coming out in November 2013 called Ruby Red Shoes goes to Paris, which is bound to be just as gorgeous as the first book.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fabric Finds - Roses & Polka dots

I've had some really good finds in my visits to op-shops (thrift stores) and recycling centres lately.
Here are some of the fabrics I've found which will be making their way into quilts and clothes.

Vintage linen roses & irregular taupe polkadot gauze

Olive green cotton sateen & aboriginal dot screen print

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Quilt for Myla

I have finished the binding on another baby quilt for my gorgeous little baby niece!

I'm really happy with the quilt which I made using my Kantha & Granada collection fabrics available in my shop.
The backing is a vintage cotton doona (duvet?) cover with a diamond that echoes the front design made from the offcuts left from the front piecing.

The binding is actually one of my Granada WOFSYs that I cut vertically to give a scrappy looking effect. The quilt was machine quilted by the Quilting Platypus. I hope M & F love it as much as I do, and that baby Myla treasures it when she is older and I am old.

My little quilt tester inspecting the latest quilt

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Welsh Coast is here!

Hooray!! I have something fun to share with you all this post.
My latest completed fabric collection Welsh Coast is all finished up and available in my Spoonflower shop here

The collection is based on an imagined trip to the coast of Wales Circa 1962.
I've used a retro colour palette and in keeping with the theme you will find motifs of the coastal flora you would find on those breezy walks along the cliffs and hills, a basket weave pattern that could have been used in a fantastic plastic woven picnic set from the time, a Welsh tapestry blanket design with paper cut sea-life motifs and lots more! The mood I've tried to set with this collection is one of a slower, simpler type of holiday where all you needed for a great day out at the beach was a pair of togs, a thermos of tea and a few egg sandwiches. Ahhh, the good ol' days!

You can see all of the collection in my Spoonflower shop under Welsh Coast and Welsh Coast Co-ordinates

Welsh Coast & Welsh Coast Co-ordinates collection by Bee & Lotus

Below you will find snaps of my Welsh Coast WOFSY (Width of Fabric Strip Yard) available in three colourways, Coral, Kelp & Urchin. Each yard of printed WOFSY will give you 7 strips of fabric (5 inch wide) in different designs. I make my designs available in WOFSYs for quilters and crafters who like a mixture of co-ordinating fabrics for projects.

Welsh Coast WOFSYs by Bee & Lotus available in my shop!

Welsh Coast WOFSY in Coral colourway

Welsh Coast WOFSY in Kelp colourway

Welsh Coast WOFSY in Urchin colourway

Detail of Welsh Coast WOFSY in Kelp colourway

Hope you like them!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Springtime in Canberra

We are visiting Floriade today, Canberra's annual flower festival.
Such a beautiful day for it and I'm sure it will give me some ideas for new fabric designs.