Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Inspired - Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl in his chair in the writing shed at the bottom of the garden

This week marks the birthday of one of the greatest storytellers of our time, Mr Roald Dahl (1916 - 1990).
Pronounced Roo-ahl, he was named after a famous Norwegian polar explorer.

Roald Dahl was not only an incredibly imaginative author, he was also an inventor.
When his infant son was injured in a freak accident he utilised his creative mind to help create a new medical valve that would reduce the pressure in his sons brain, thus saving him.

The world that he created in his children's book is one that I keep very close to my heart.
My favourite book as a child was George's Marvelous Medicine, and now that I am revisiting his books with my own children my favourite it Danny, the Champion of the World.

The gypsy wagon that Roald Dahl wrote Danny, the champion of the World in.

I find it interesting that many of the protagonists in his tales are orphaned at a young age and quite often end up in situations where they must think and act for themselves without intervention of a grown up. Perhaps this kind of freedom with responsibility is what appeals to children?

One of the best purchases I have for the children has been a CD set of Roald Dahl books read by various British actors (Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie etc.). It has made some long, otherwise boring  journeys very enjoyable.

Happy Birthday Mr Dahl and thanks for all the stories!


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