Friday, September 13, 2013

Cubby House

Since the weather has started warming up, the family and I have been spending much more time out in the garden. We finally have the posts in for the long-awaited cubby house in the corner of the garden.
I've been dreaming and scheming up ways to incorporate recycled building materials into the cubby.
Currently I'm planning a wooden shingle roof made from fence offcuts, a rail made from silver birch branches from my parents garden and ship lap style cladding, again from old fence palings.

Some other additions planned are:
- a trap door in the floor
- a bird feeder
- a window box for strawberries and flowers
- a periscope or telescope
- an old fashioned weather vane with cockerel
- a flying fox that sails from the top of the garden to the cubby door step

It sounds like the kids have gone a bit wild, but in all honesty these are my crazy ideas!
I think I'm looking forward to it more than they are :)

Here are some of my favourite playhouses and tree houses found on the interwebs:

Hope they have inspired you to think about creating a fairytale inspired place for your kids or yourself!


  1. Sigh. These are adorable, but all I really think about are spiders and wasps nests. But I am a little high strung . . . .

    1. yeah I know what you mean! I lived in a Yurt for a few years in my parents backyard. It was constantly invaded by huge Huntsman spiders as big as your hand! I want to try make this one fairly sealed, but that only keeps critters out if the kids keep the door and windows shut. hmmm, maybe lots of surface spray would help too.

  2. My cousin had a tiny cubby house that we used to love when we were young. It had a mezzanine area that you could get up to with a ladder that was bolted to the wall. We used the upstairs bit as the "bedroom". I love your ideas for window boxes and a trap door! Maybe a little letter-box too? Can't wait to see it.

    1. Interesting you mention that Piroska, I was thinking about adding something like that if there is enough height. I love the idea of a letterbox!

  3. I love some of these cubbies! On the hunt now for a cubby with a whimsical feel, but not having much luck - might have to make one like you! Did you do a blog on your finished product? Your ideas sound amazing!

    1. haha, thanks Mel! err, we haven't quite finished the cubby house yet :} Let's hope I can show you the finished product in the next few months!