Saturday, August 10, 2013

Postage Stamp Collection

I thought it was about time I introduced the kids to the world of stamp collecting.
I used to spend hours looking at my collection of stamps from around the world, trying to determine which country one might come from and checking the market value in my little booklet from the newsagent.

On our last trip to the Op shop (thrift store) we picked up a bag of used stamps still stuck to their envelope corners for the princely sum of 10c.

After the kids spent an hour sorting them into groups of birds, flowers, people etc. we ran the bath and dumped them in. I have an old piece perspex that was not good enough for a picture frame so we used it to stick our stamps onto to dry once they had floated off the paper backings.

The perspex keeps the stamps nice and flat while they dry so they don't curl and they come away very easily. When the stamps are wet they just stick right on.

our collection of Aussie stamps, new and vintage

The paper bits were stuck to the bath, it looked very pretty at the time but was a bit of a pain in the butt to clean off later :{.

Oh well, it was worth it to have happy and engaged kids for a few hours and it has given me an idea for a new fabric collection!

Next we will be sourcing some empty stamp albums to sort them into.

temporary storage for our stamp collection


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