Sunday, August 25, 2013

Craft with Kids - Party Tablecloth

My little crafty girl Ms. B had a great idea today that I thought I'd share with you all.
All you need for this project is a table, an old cotton sheet and a packet of fabric crayons.

Spread the sheet out on the table and have each member of the family sit around it and start drawing all over the sheet. You can move the sheet around to fill in all the blank spots, then when you're done just iron the design through some greaseproof paper and it's ready for use as a party tablecloth!

Ms B adding to the family creation

We used an old sheet that we have previously used as a craft tablecloth so it already has some interesting food dye stains.
You might want to use it as a tablecloth for other messy art projects too, as it looks better and better with each arty accident!

Crafty party tablecloth
The kids really enjoy having an enormous canvas to work with and they can use their imaginations to join each persons picture together into one creation. You could challenge the family to draw a story on the cloth, perhaps even the family story or try drawing your neighbourhood complete with house school friends houses, playgrounds

We use Pentel Fabricfun crayons for designs on cloth and clothes

In addition to using this as a tablecloth, we also use it as a gift wrap of sorts for large presents like bicycles. Simply drape the cloth over and tie a ribbon around it!


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