Saturday, July 13, 2013

English Paper Piecing

After being reintroduced last month to English paper piecing at the Canberra Modern Quilt Guild meeting I ordered a stack of pre-cut paper pieces. Well, they arrived yesterday afternoon and I have been gluing (no basting here just UHU) and stitching away every spare moment I get!
I do have a quilt planned with particular fabrics and colours but at the moment I have been riffling through the stash, cutting one piece of very fabric I have and indiscriminately sewing them together!
What fun! no rules or colour theory, just whack em together and keep on stitching.

The kids were very interested in what I was doing so I had them select fabric for their own blocks and cut and sewed them together for them. As I cut and stitched I told them about the origins of patchwork and how women would use up the scraps of cloth left over from making clothes. We spoke a little about making sure we use our resources as best we can and how we should only throw things out if we can't find another way to use them. It must be impossible for their little minds to comprehend life for most people a century or more ago, when we didn't have access to everything we need and a whole lot more.

Dear sweet Ms B was so inspired that she found some old packaging in the recycling and told me she was going to make something out of it so that it wasn't wasted!
It's so easy to forget that many small (and sometimes older) kids have no knowledge of when times were tough and what it means to go without. I hope they never have to experience those times, but I want them to be respectful of material things and feel that resourcefulness is one of the best traits one can possess.

It scares me sometimes how disposable things are in our society, hopefully our kids will grow to have better attitudes towards the Earth's finite resources.


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