Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quilting Canberra

This week I attended my first meeting with the Canberra Modern Quilt Guild.
What an inspiring bunch of gals! I was glad to see that there is a mix of levels and ability amongst the members, as I myself am very new to quilting. I have been able to sew since I was quite young but I have never really learnt how to quilt properly. Hopefully I will learn lots from this group and maybe even teach some of the other crafty things I know.

We will be combining our skills to create a wonderful raffle quilt to celebrate Canberra's 100th birthday this year and to raise funds for the group to spend on educational workshops.

Crystal and Nicole have divided a plan of early Canberra into 64 8" squares, each one to be recreated in quilt block using a colour scheme chosen by the CMQG members.

colour scheme chosen for the first ever CMQG raffle quilt

Selection of stash scraps chosen for my block
On Thursday night we chose our segments from the map which we will be turning into blocks. We all brought in stash fabrics in the colour scheme and shared them amongst the group.It will be an AMAZING quilt when finished, and you will have the chance to win it! I'll post more details about where to purchase tickets later in the year.

I have chosen I fairly simple part of the map with a beautiful curve of Lake Burley Griffin in it.
I'm thinking of some tricky sewing to incorporate into my piece, but have to keep it quite flat so that the whole quilt top can be quilted without snagging. Hhmmmm, so many ideas, so little time......

Section of Canberra map and fabric with which I'll be making my block
If you are interested in joining the Guild and being part of this project please stop by CMQG.

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