Saturday, May 4, 2013

Autumn Review

Now we are getting into the cold weather, I feel it's time to look back on the last few months.
I have been absent from this blog for much of the past 3 months due to a back injury that literally had me laid out for a great deal of time. Sitting at the PC to blog or design was more than I could take, so I took a break and healed myself as best I could.

That's not to say I did nothing. Here's a little of what our family got up to.

Ms. B doing a spot of sewing
 Lots of hand sewing has been going on here. The "clothes for mending" pile has all but disappeared.

I couldn't sew on the machine but I could still cut pieces. Here's a peek at my Granada star quilt for Ms. Ruthie.
Our wool, before and after carding, washing & dying.

 The kids learnt about textile manufacturing by processing some wool. We began with raw wool and used a pet brush to card it to remove burrs. Then we washed it by hand in warm water and woolmix to remove the lanolin. The colour change was pretty significant! We then used Turmeric to dye the wool a lovely golden mustard shade. The kids learnt so much from this exercise and have gained a new appreciation for natural fibres. Four year old Mr. L has even started to wear wool jumpers without complaining about the itchiness!

Ms. B's room makeover continues
 I purchased a beautiful print from the Wheatfield on Etsy for my almost six year old's room.
Artist Katie Daisy produces the most delightful watercolour painted quotes which are available as prints in a range of sizes. You can find more in her shop here.

Making Pysanky eggs using crepe paper dyes and wax. A family Easter tradition.

Just one of the stunning sunsets we have been having this Autumn.


  1. What an interesting project to do with your children! I'm hoping to get into dying wool with natural dyes soon, I had no idea you could get such vivid results with turmeric.

  2. yes the results are quite dramatic. I also read somewhere (?) that the turmeric keeps bush away too, not sure if that's a myth or not. I'd love to see your experiments with dying!

  3. Argh, Bugs! not Bush. Thanks auto correct.