Monday, November 26, 2012

Spoonflower Challenge: Nasher/Matisse

This week's challenge was to create a fabric design that would look at home in a Matisse painting using a set palette! Sometimes I really enjoy design constraints, they force me to focus!

Matisse had a great love of Oceanic art, especially the quilted textiles made by Tahitian women.
The flat areas of colour and flowing organic lines appealed to him.

I'm not sure if he would have seen the amazing textiles uncovered in the Siberian Pazyryk burials in the Golden Mountains of Altai UNESCO World Heritage site, I hope so.
I think he would have liked the felt artifacts with their simplified animal and plant motifs, which is why I based my design for this competition on one particular artifact that is now housed in the Hermitage.

Detail of the Pazyryk Horseman textile

Here is my entry for the Nasher/Matisse Spoonflower contest:

Pazyryk felt for Henri fabric design by Bee&Lotus

You can vote for it and many other great designs here.


  1. Hi Clair, good luck with this great design! I love the fabrics you've based it on too; I hadn't heard of the Pazyryk burials but have now been reading a bit more about them - fascinating!

  2. Thanks Cally! I'm slightly obsessed with the central asian region and their textiles. They have an amazing history too.
    The Scythians are particularly fascinating, they were a nomadic tribe who had female tattooed warriors and preistesses!