Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bedside table

Don't you just love checking out other peoples bookshelves? I think it can give you a pretty good insight into a person. I'm not sure what my bedside table stack says about me (other than I borrow way too many library books), what do you think?
I'll tell you if you're close!

From top to bottom:
1.Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka - 1/4 way through this tale of immigrant strawberry pickers in UK
2.The Pearl by John Steinbeck - not yet begun
3.Dearie by BobSpitz - about 5 chapters in and I want to visit Pasadena! Julia Child is amazing.
4.Thames & Hudson manual of dyes and fabrics by Joyce Storey - i love this book! almost finished and have developed a sound knowledge of the history of dyestuffs.
5.Playhouses you can build by D & S Stiles - have used to work out where to start in building the kids cubby house in the backyard.
6.November issue of Home Beautiful Australia - ok issue this month, nothing amazing.

This library ticket is on the inside cover of The Pearl - John Steinbeck, don't you love seeing these old things! For those of you who are too young to remember the days before barcode scanners, there used to be a ticket in the front of the library book where the librarian would stamp the due date.
The first stamp here is from 1971 and the book is still being loaned, love it :)

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