Friday, November 30, 2012

Spoonflower Challenge: Under the Sea (One-Yard Wonders)

This week the challenge was to create a design to go on a print and cut T-Shirt pattern from One Yard Wonders in an under the sea theme.

I really left this one far too late, but was determined to enter with what I could create in about 2 hours.

Here is my entry:
Tidal Pool Camouflage T-shirt fabric design by One-Yard Wonders and Bee&Lotus

Hope you likes it :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Spoonflower Challenge: Nasher/Matisse

This week's challenge was to create a fabric design that would look at home in a Matisse painting using a set palette! Sometimes I really enjoy design constraints, they force me to focus!

Matisse had a great love of Oceanic art, especially the quilted textiles made by Tahitian women.
The flat areas of colour and flowing organic lines appealed to him.

I'm not sure if he would have seen the amazing textiles uncovered in the Siberian Pazyryk burials in the Golden Mountains of Altai UNESCO World Heritage site, I hope so.
I think he would have liked the felt artifacts with their simplified animal and plant motifs, which is why I based my design for this competition on one particular artifact that is now housed in the Hermitage.

Detail of the Pazyryk Horseman textile

Here is my entry for the Nasher/Matisse Spoonflower contest:

Pazyryk felt for Henri fabric design by Bee&Lotus

You can vote for it and many other great designs here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bedside table

Don't you just love checking out other peoples bookshelves? I think it can give you a pretty good insight into a person. I'm not sure what my bedside table stack says about me (other than I borrow way too many library books), what do you think?
I'll tell you if you're close!

From top to bottom:
1.Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka - 1/4 way through this tale of immigrant strawberry pickers in UK
2.The Pearl by John Steinbeck - not yet begun
3.Dearie by BobSpitz - about 5 chapters in and I want to visit Pasadena! Julia Child is amazing.
4.Thames & Hudson manual of dyes and fabrics by Joyce Storey - i love this book! almost finished and have developed a sound knowledge of the history of dyestuffs.
5.Playhouses you can build by D & S Stiles - have used to work out where to start in building the kids cubby house in the backyard.
6.November issue of Home Beautiful Australia - ok issue this month, nothing amazing.

This library ticket is on the inside cover of The Pearl - John Steinbeck, don't you love seeing these old things! For those of you who are too young to remember the days before barcode scanners, there used to be a ticket in the front of the library book where the librarian would stamp the due date.
The first stamp here is from 1971 and the book is still being loaned, love it :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Moorish star quilt for Emma

A long while ago I mentioned that I was making a quilt for a little baby girl named Emma.
Well the other week I finally finished it!
I have to confess that I am not a very good quilter, I get confused when it comes to cutting funny angles and adding a seam allowance. This is probably because I am self taught, not to mention quite impatient!
So I cheated a little in the creation of this quilt, instead of cutting lots of pieces to create the "star" panels, I sewed those little triangles right on top of that square!

I feel as though I saved myself a lot of brain ache and time, however an experienced quilter may not feel the same.

Here is the finished product:

Moorish Star baby quilt - using Granada & Granada II 
collection fabrics by Bee&Lotus

I will be sharing this quilt pattern for free very soon. Just keep your eyes peeled for Bee&Lotus Free and Easy Quilt Love!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Gift Wrap by Bee&Lotus

I found out today that Spoonflower is now making gift wrap available in any of the designs currently for sale on the entire Spoonflower website!! A 36" (91.44 cm) by 6' (182.88 cm) roll of quality heavy weight, glossy scratch-proof wrapping paper will set you back only US$15!

If you are a little creative (or a lot!), why not upload one of your own designs and have it printed as custom gift wrap for your presents this year? If you are not confident in your drawing skills, use some photos of yourself, family and friends and mosaic them to make meaningful and personalised wrappings. Or.... you could purchase some Bee & Lotus designed gift wrap.

All Bee & Lotus designs are available as Gift Wrap, find them here.

Please note that the watermark will not appear on the gift wrap! Just click on the design you like and look for the "Buy this design on Gift Wrap" Go button. And last but not least... Spoonflower have a FREE SHIPPING day worldwide next Friday!! see the spoonflower blog for details.

have a bonza weekend ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lollypop Plaid tea towel 2013 calendar

Just received a sample of my 2013 tea towel calendar design.
I had to adjust the colour of certain areas to make the writing more legible, but here is a snippet.