Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fabric8 design contest

 One of my first botanical illustrations in watercolour

I've been sick this week, the flu or something. As a result I have been on the inter-ma-tron (www) way too much! However, I checked in with the current Spoonflower textile design contest and noticed that one of the up and coming contests for this month is Fabric8, a contest sponsored by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. 
The theme is pen & ink/watercolour, and the winner will be offered a contract by Robert Kaufman (and win some lovely stuff too!). Oh my!!
As a result, my mind has been racing (in many different directions!) and ideas are slowing being filtered by my somewhat overwhelmed grey matter. I hope to share my ideas and some sketches with you soon.
I broke out the old watercolour paints and found that half of them had dried up completely! There's nothing like a genuine excuse to spend up at the local art store :).


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