Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fingers crossed for Fabric8!

After four weeks of drawing, cutting, painting, Photoshop-ing and dreaming designs for the Robert Kaufman/Spoonflower Fabric8 design competition, I finally entered my final design!

The theme is Pen & Ink/Watercolour. So I bought some new paints and cleaned off the old palette and started to experiment and this is what I eventually ended up with:

  Granada Floral Ink Fabric in Henna colourway by Bee & Lotus for Fabric8

The design was created by cutting shapes from watercolour paper, then painting them, scanning and arranging using Photoshop.

 work in progress

I then used my Wacom tablet to sketch a Moorish design (from a stone carving in the Alhambra). Since making the initial design I have been crazily creating co-ordinating fabric designs which can be found in the Granada collection in my Spoonflower shop.

Here are samples of just some the co-ordinating designs!

I am really looking forward to seeing more entries for the Fabric8 competition! I have already seen some amazing entries from some very talented people in the Spoonflower community.
Big ups to Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman fabrics for giving designers like me such a great opportunity!

Monday, April 9, 2012


I thought I would start a new segment on my blog called Bairnventions.
For those not familiar with Scots dialect "Bairn" means child or baby and the remainder of the word obviously refers to invention. My two critters are (like most small children) incredibly creative and are constantly coming up with interesting and sometimes very funny creations. I will be sharing the best and funniest Bairnventions with you as they come into being. It's amazing what kids will come up with given a roll of tape and some toilet paper rolls.
Drum roll please.......

The Easter egg transporter!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fabric8 design contest

 One of my first botanical illustrations in watercolour

I've been sick this week, the flu or something. As a result I have been on the inter-ma-tron (www) way too much! However, I checked in with the current Spoonflower textile design contest and noticed that one of the up and coming contests for this month is Fabric8, a contest sponsored by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. 
The theme is pen & ink/watercolour, and the winner will be offered a contract by Robert Kaufman (and win some lovely stuff too!). Oh my!!
As a result, my mind has been racing (in many different directions!) and ideas are slowing being filtered by my somewhat overwhelmed grey matter. I hope to share my ideas and some sketches with you soon.
I broke out the old watercolour paints and found that half of them had dried up completely! There's nothing like a genuine excuse to spend up at the local art store :).