Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spoonflower Challenge: 2012 Tea Towel Calendars

The inspiration for this design came from a Welsh tapestry blanket that was given to my mother and father as a wedding present many years ago.
Lately I have been somewhat obsessed with everything relating to the sea.
Sea shanties, corals, seashells, selkies, fishing nets & floats, seaweeds and all those amazing migratory birds that frequent the coastline have captured my attention these past weeks. I love the coast but the truth is, I’m a little scared of the ocean. All that deep, deep blue for miles down. Yikes!!
I’ve been trying to find a good novel set in a British fishing village back when Herring (also called Silver Darlin’s) was the catch of the day.
If anyone can recommend one to me I would be grateful.

My design started with simple paper cuts that I then scanned and manipulated using Illustrator. The motifs I created are representative of the urchin, seaweed and coral life forms of the sea.
The design Welsh Blanket 2012 Tea Towel Calendar is available in 6 different colours, so you should be able to find a colour to suit your kitchen! If you would like to see it in a different colour just let me know.
If you like it you will be able to vote for it during the Spoonflower design contest from mid-November.

If you really like it you can purchase one (fat quarter) or 4 (yard) form my Spoonflower shop and hem them to your liking. Tea towel calendars make wonderful Christmas presents, just take a look at all the beautiful designs for 2012 available on Spoonflower.

Welsh Blanket 2012 Tea Towel Calendar in Traditional colourway - textile design by Bee & Lotus

Detail of Welsh Blanket design in Rockpool colourway - textile design by Bee & Lotus

Welsh Blanket 2012 Tea Towel Calendar - showing all colourways (Herring gull, Coral, Deep sea, Kelp, Rock crab, Rockpool, Traditional & Urchin)