Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Missing Summer

Way back in February (I swear it only feels like a few weeks ago!) my gorgeous husband whisked me off to IKEA for Valentine’s day to make a few much needed purchases for the house.

I came home that day with a red Hemnes linen cabinet. I really, really wanted a yellow one but they are a rare find in Australia! I toyed with the idea of painting it yellow but I have so many other painting projects to contend with first I have given up on yellow and embraced the RED.

It is the depths of winter in this part of the world. The coldest night in years, frozen water pipes, frosty days, chilling wind.

I miss Summer :(

I miss fresh Basil and tomatoes from the vegie patch. I miss walking barefoot. I miss the kids running about the garden in just a sun hat.

I miss Dill.

Last Summer I created a textile design based on that lovely herb, and I had Spoonflower print it onto their delicious cotton voile. I’ve made some sheer curtains for my Hemnes linen cabinet, mostly to hide the mess but also to bring a little Summer into the house. I love the way they turned out. What do you think?