Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spoonflower Design Challenge: Folk tales

The theme for the weekly Spoonflower contest this time is folk tales.

I turned to my bookshelf with my cherished Russian and Ukrainian picture books for inspiration.
I have always loved the work of Ivan Bilibin, since reading his illustrated version of the tale of "Vasilisa the Beautiful" as a child of 5 or 6. His illustrations of Baba Yaga flying through the sky in her mortar/churn and her wonderful but terrible house on chicken legs remain in my mind as the most realistic and frightening witch ever realised.
I also have some vintage publications of folk tales from soviet era Ukraine. The woodcut illustrations are crudely printed but beautifully depict the hard working peasants that are the heroes of these tales of bravery and persistence.

I love the color halftone illustrations in some of the soviet era publications.
They were designed to be created cheaply by reducing the amount of ink used during printing.
I have used this halftone effect in my design "Vasilisa the Beautiful", which is not my favourite creation but perhaps the start of some fun experimentation with halftone effects.

"Vasilisa the Beautiful" - textile design by Bee & Lotus

Close ups of the Halftone pattern effect