Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter in Autumn

Easter is approaching fast! Here in Australia, we celebrate Easter in Autumn. It is really quite strange to be celebrating the traditional pagan Spring celebration in Autumn, but that's how it is. Come Spring there's not a choccie egg to be found in the shops, just Halloween treats!

There have been Easter eggs in the shops here since new year's day. As soon as the Christmas merchandise clears the eggs and bunnies are brought out. Gaudy, brand name, "licenced", slogan clad wrappers filled with too-sweet chocolate.

It is becoming hard to find the lovely Easter treats I remember from my childhood (and I'm not that old yet!). So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across these gorgeous vintage style Heidel chocolate bars at my local confectionist/deli!

I hope you have some luck tracking down Easter loveliness this year!

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  1. I'm in Western Australia and bought a beautiful Heidel Egg from David Jones. Contains 3 little chocolates with little chick pictures. The designs above are lovely. Here's a pic of my egg which serves as a handy container for knickknacks too, under "Easter".