Sunday, March 27, 2011

Autumn dreaming

Whenever Autumn approaches I start to get strangely excited.

I long for the changing of the leaves when my mind can turn to rugging up in woolens and wellies, walking the forests and hunting for mushrooms. I start to become more sentimental as the days shorten and find myself dreaming of a home in the British countryside with a small wood burning stove to warm my feet by, wet clothes pinned up with wooden clothes pegs on the make do line inside.

No www, no
tv, no texts, no distractions. Just for a little while anyway :).

No deadly snakes and poisonous spiders finding their way into Miss Potter's house I'm sure.
How lovely it would be have all of those sweet little creatures roaming my garden!
And if they were lucky I might invite the wee critters in for a nice cup of tea....

hope you have all enjoyed your weekends.

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