Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day at IKEA!

On Valentines day this year I was pleasantly surprised by my wonderful husband who whisked me away to IKEA for lots of browsing and a little purchasing.
A desk has been on the agenda for a while now, so it was a lovely surprise to be taken on a 285km (177 miles) journey to our closest IKEA store to purchase one. We also brought home a red Hemnes linen cabinet to store art materials and crafty goods. My first choice was the Hemnes cabinet in yellow, but it wasn't to be. Not to worry, I've always loved the colour red as you can see by the wall behind the new cabinet.
Hmmmm. Time for a fresh coat of paint on the walls me thinks.

My new Ikea Hemnes Linen (craft!) Cabinet with Bee & Lotus 2011 Tea towel calendar

On the way back home we stopped in Goulbourn, a town that is famous for the Big Merino.
We like our big things in Australia (banana, pineapple, pavlova, gumboot, potato etc.)
For years the 97 tonne Merino nicknamed "Rambo" has stood proudly, awaiting travellers between Canberra and Sydney to come and marvel and perhaps climb the steps to view the surrounding farmlands through the big fellas eyes. Rambo is a symbol of Australia's rich history in the wool industry, and a reminder of the old saying that Australia rode to prosperity on the sheep's back.

Now I'm off to organise the rest of the house.....

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