Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spoonflower Design Challenge: Year of the Rabbit

One of the up and coming design themes for the weekly Spoonflower challenge is to coincide with the Chinese lunar New Year of the Rabbit.
After doing some brief research into the symbolism and meanings of bunnies in eastern cultures I came up with my design Jade Moon Rabbit. According to Chinese folklore, there is a rabbit that lives on the moon with a toad. This bunny spends his days pounding herbs with a mortar and pestle, making the elixir of life for the Immortals.
According to Japanese and Korean folklore he is actually just pounding the ingredients for rice cakes! I think I like the Chinese legend better :)
Jade Moon Rabbit - Spearmint colourway
Jade Moon Rabbit in Duck Egg Blue, Autumn Eve & Spearmint
My Jade Moon Rabbit design is available in three colourways, and can be used with my Miniature Woodland Herbarium design, also available for purchase in three colour ways. You can see these designs in more detail and my other fabric designs at my Spoonflower profile.
Miniature Woodland Herbarium in Autumn Eve colourway
Miniature Woodland Herbarium in Duck Egg Blue, Autumn Eve & Spearmint
Stay tuned for posts showing the printed fabric from Spoonflower. I have plans to make a sweet little pinafore dress for my little Ms B, although I will have to make sure it has a full skirt as she won't wear dresses that don't twirl! Are all 3-4 year old girls like this?
Have a wonderful day today, especially if you're celebrating Australia Day. My family will be celebrating at one of the free events on in the capital and dropping in on the Triple J hottest 100 songs of the year on the radio.

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  1. Contest update:
    This design ranked 29 out of 247 entries, with 313 votes. Thanks to everyone who voted for my design!