Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Pretty Good Year, well I'm sure it will be soon.....

It has been so long since my last post and so much has happened since then but not the sort of things I was hoping for. The week before Christmas a family friend who I grew up with, tragically passed away. It really has shocked me and my family deeply to realise we could lose someone so young and full of potential in the blink of an eye.
Christmas has come and gone with many lovely meals and drinks with family members and friends. New Years eve was very quiet in my household, during the week leading up to it we had in our house two cases of flu, one case of tonsillitis
and an ear infection resulting in a emergency trip to hospital to treat a perforated ear drum. Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for the children :)) I was the unlucky one who had flu and the ear infection :( .

So now that's all out of the way I intend on having an outrageously wonderful and most productive 2011. There are a few things I have on my resolutions list for 2011: eat more fruit, drink more water, spend more time with people, eat more wholefoods and most importantly watch the clock less, don't worry so much and enjoy the moment :)

I received my tea towel calendar order from Spoonflower
last week, sewed them up and have seen them sent off to far corners of the world. Yes they will be a little late, but I'm sure the recipients won't mind. Here are some snaps of the design printed onto cotton/linen fabric.

My trusty vintage Husqvarna

Pretty Good Year tea towel design on Cotton/Linen fabric

Close up of January-February

Sending all of you positive thoughts and lots of creative energy for the start of this new year of ours.

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  1. wow, that fabric is lovely! what fun!you have a lovely blog here. hoping yours are safe and sound, so sorry to hear about those terrible floods.